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A Letter To Self Harm

Dear Self Harm,

You have been there through some of the worst times in my life you helped mange my emotions and kept me from going over the edge. But for all the good I thought you did, you did a lot more damage.

For every time I thought you helped me relieve my emotions, I was left with scars. As much as I felt like you were helping me, I ended up being ashamed of you, I went into hiding and I hurt a lot of people.

Because of having you in my life, I hid from my past. You made me forget the things I wanted to, but when the memories returned they were just that much worse.

You were my way of surviving but, now it’s time that we go our separate ways, I’ve reached a point in my life where I no longer need you to cope with my problem.

I now have new, better and safer coping mechanisms than you. I no longer feel the need to hide from my past and the memories that come with it.

I will always remember our time together, and I will grow from it, but this is Goodbye, I don’t need you anymore and you will never control my life Again. – Anonymous