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Dear Annie

Dear Annie
I would like to thank you for a gr8 2 days and I can’t wait til the 3 day workshop!

From the age of around 13 I would deliberately hurt myself, well it was a mental abuse, I did it to myself, although you could never see the physical pain outwardly trust me the pain inside was real, if I had known about cutting and the like I have no doubt I may have started that as well! Mind you there was a different stigma attached to us males! You encapsulated it in a nutshell in the training.

Listening to survivors is always a comfort to me, I thought that I had managed to sort myself out on my own, and now I know I still need to do some more work! Sure I realise that I still have issues but in comparison to where I have been and who I was, I consider myself to be “lucky” and in my own way have lived and survived my journey……

I have no idea why I am telling you all this but in a way I feel very comfortable to tell you part of my life experience… You provided such a dignified, safe and comfortable environment in which we were all able to share and learn without judgement. I hate training and I was dreading this 2 days like you wouldn’t believe and yet it turned out to be the most awesome training I have ever done.

I needed you to know what a brilliant trainer you are and to thank you for your dignified and respectful check-ins with me. Maybe that’s why I am telling you because I know you had picked something up that no-one else did and never has. So thanks for your kindness too. It truly comforted me.

I would like to help in anyway with your committed venture Annie, your passion is infectious, your sense of humour is phenomenal and I believe I have caught “the bug”… Please use as you wish and I know I don’t have to tell you, but just keep me anon, if you use anything I share with you.

Thanks V8