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My Streak

My Streak

I’ve been self-harming for the last 10years now
And life has been so very rough
Everywhere I’ve been now
It seems so very tough

I’ve cut; I’ve burned, so many ways
It doesn’t get any new
Those cuts, those burns
These options seem so few

But as the time goes by now
And these ways of hurting me
I’m growing stronger and brighter
There is a light I see

I have a lot of support around me
My family and my friends
All this pain and suffering
Must all come to an end

I’ve gone so long without harming
And my strength is growing strong
It won’t be very long now
And I want to live life long

So thank you to all you people for being there to help me along the way
This self-harming streak I’ve had
Must end and be on its way.

Grace – 15/03/2011