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Thanks To Insight

I would like to thank Annie for identifying the huge gap in services for individuals who use self-destructive behaviour as a coping mechanism and doing something about it.

She has had the fortitude to ‘Walk The Talk’ by providing training programs to professionals, carers, family and friends and an 11 Module Consumer Recovery Program for individuals who hurt themselves. Although she no longer works one-on-one with clients, Annie trains professionals nationally to facilitate the innovative SAFE in Oz Consumer Recovery Program with people in the professional’s local community.

I wish more people would understand how much the Safe in Oz program was needed, as it would save the community thousands of dollars, but more importantly save many lives and give individuals control back over their lives.

I thank her for her passion in helping people who suffer mental health issues and for running such great training workshops. The training programs are informative and of great benefit to any worker and their organisation. As the founder of Self-Harmers Support Group in Perth, I had the great pleasure doing the workshop on one of SAFE in Oz’s visits to Perth, where I gained a diverse range of strategies, techniques and more important practical tools that I could use for myself and those in my support group.

Annie worked closely with the support group and we were able to implement a smaller version of the SAFE in Oz program to give the group more structure and be able to use the tools with the group participants to improve their lives in many ways.

With the right support and recovery program, individuals who hurt themselves CAN and DO recover to go on to manage their urges/triggers to hurt themselves in a safe and healthy way, going on to live happy and fulfilling lives.

I highly recommend the SAFE in Oz training workshops to any professionals, carers, family and friends. For organisations wishing to train staff in this field, the training is of a high calibre and value for money. I would personally like to thank you, and I know the group is behind me, and say what SAFE in Oz is doing is ground breaking and a great resource for all communities within Australia

Mary Jane
Founder of SHSG, Perth