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Ceasing and Managing my self-destructive behaviour

Ceasing and Managing my self-destructive behaviour

I have been a member of the Support Group For Self Harmers since 2008 which has helped me quite a lot with my self-harm and the issues that come along with it.

Since I have joined the group, I have had that extra support where I can meet once a week and just get everything off my chest. Annie worked with MJ to devise a mini program for the support group.
SAFE in Oz has been a part of this support group for some time now and going to the supprt group allows me to talk about my issues and get their opinion on how I should address the situation when feeling like self-harming, how to identify my triggers and how to manage them.

The SAFE in Oz program has taught me how to set goals, short term and long term so that I can plan my future and have something to actually look forward to, which I have never done before in my life. It has also taught me to identify how I’m feeling whilst wanting to self-harm and what self-talk goes on in my head.

I am now able to identify the underlying reasons why I want to self-harm and the events that led up to wanting to hurt myself. Through what I have learned from the support group and SAFE in Oz, I can analyse the situation and actually prevent hurting myself before I even pick up my chosen implement. I no longer self-harm. It has been 15 months since I last hurt myself and I’m still counting each day.

Even though I don’t self-harm anymore, I still need an extra support to help me when times get tough. The SAFE in Oz program and the Support Group For Self Harmers has been a big part in saving my life.