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The SAFE group allowed us all real HOPE…

The SAFE group allowed us all real HOPE…

Before I came to SAFE I was…                                SAFE allowed us to….

Severely                                                                        Help
Abusing                                                                        Ourselves
Fearing                                                                          Prevent
Extinction                                                                     Extremes

SAFE is a lifesaving program that worked for me and many other people I know and have known. It has been a long-term solution and life changing process that provided me with life tools. Life tools are a huge range of practical skills, strategies and techniques and a true understanding about self-abuse, ceasing the behaviour and more importantly managing it for life as a survivor and not a victim.

You learn to find yourself, love yourself and value yourself and others around you.
The sun shines again and you see rainbows after the rain.

Clouds do have a silver lining once you know how to deal with the darkness of the clouds.
The moon and stars shine brighter and even on a moonless and starless night you have radiance from within.
Nature becomes more beautiful and you become more thankful for each day, no matter what challenges it may bring with it.
The sun rises and the sun sets and we know this will happen for the rest of our lives. It is how we use the time in between that is important so our conscience is at peace thus allowing us serene slumber to regenerate our bodies, minds and souls.
People now believe in you and your ability and you believe in yourself.
The most exciting was the understanding what respect was all about, especially self-respect which I have in major doses now! Aretha Franklin helped with that one and still does today!
The greatest learning of all was that what happened to me was not my fault, that I was a child without the power to stop it and that it was not and never will be my guilt to carry.
What has happened has happened, I can’t change the past, but SAFE helped me to make a choice to change the future and take control back over my life.
SAFE gives you choice to change, supports you through the program and gives you life tools to take away.
I have choices, honesty, dignity, respect and a wonderful life ahead of me.

What more can anyone ask for? – Shaz B.

Maybe some funds to set this program up nationally!!!