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SAFE in Oz are currently seeking partnerships with community organisations throughout Australia for 2020. Basically, as a Community Partner you provide a training venue, liaison person and basic morning & afternoon refreshments. SAFE in Oz provide a bi-monthly newsletter on our website at which includes feedback from workshop participants and pervious Community Partners, to give you an idea of how they view our training. The website and newsletter, and personal recommendation have also guided many of our community partners to SAFE in Oz.

If your organisation wishes to become a community partner, SAFE in Oz would include your logo and information on all our flyers, promotional materials and media releases. SAFE in Oz would need an electronic .jpg file version of your logo to do this. SAFE in Oz send out an email package [Workshop Flyer & Registration Form] which you are asked to forward throughout your networks to promote the workshop. SAFE in Oz would also send the promotional email out through an extensive email directory to further promote the workshop/s.

SAFE in Oz will action all workshop registrations, tax invoices, payments, confirmation of registrations and receipts. We often post a workshop resource box out prior to the workshop, if we need to fly our trainer to your destination, and simply ask you to take care of it until they arrive to set up for the training workshop. They prefer to set up the training room late afternoon the day before the workshop and keep the room set up for the duration of the 2 days. SAFE in Oz workshop start and finish times are; Day 1 – 9am Registration for 9.15am workshop start & 4.30pm finish. Day 2 – 9am workshop start & 4.30pm finish.

As a community partner you would provide a training room with heating/cooling that could comfortably accommodate tables and chairs in a U or C shape for a maximum of 20 people, with 1 table in the front for the trainer. A registration table, a resources table, a whiteboard, a screen or wall to project onto and a light refreshment area for morning and afternoon breaks with a few biscuits and fruit [for gluten free] too please. Workshop participants are required to BYO lunch. Some organisations choose to have a closed workshop that is filled with their organisations employees only, others choose to fill the workshop with a percentage of their employees and open the rest of the workshop places to other local organisations.

For each 2 day workshop the community partner hosts, SAFE in Oz will offer the organisation 1 Complimentary Registration for one of their paid or volunteer workers valued at $440.00.

SAFE in Oz organise and pay for flights, accommodation, car hire, resource materials and any other workshop expenses. Workshop participants receive a presentation folder, pen, workbook and a variety of workshop resources supplied each day of the training workshop to assist in the workshop and as future reference in their continuing work in the field. This is all factored into the overall cost for workshop participants of $440.00 each. We do offer an early bird payment of $400 to those who register and pay at least 30 days before the commencement of the training workshop.

If you have a large network of NFP’s, NGO’s and PDRSS, you would probably have many workers in your community wanting training in this area. The brochure we attached with this information gives you an idea of the training we provide.

SAFE in Oz currently have many community partnerships throughout Australia where we facilitate training workshops for professionals, carers, family and friends. The attached electronic brochure outlines the three holistic and innovative workshops that SAFE in Oz provide for workers, carers, family, friends and other significant people in your community. The outcome of the three day ‘Facilitating the SAFE in Oz Consumer Program’ is the ability for those trained to work in a one-on-one or group environment to provide a recovery and support program for individuals who use self-destructive behaviour in your local or regional community.

If you require any further information in relation to any of the information in this introduction, please do not hesitate to contact SAFE in Oz.

SAFE In Oz Brochure

Thanks, and have a great day.

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Annie Slocombe – Director SAFE in Oz – 03 5176 2616

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