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About SAFE

SAFE in Oz has developed out of the SAFE (Self-Abuse Finally Ends) program successfully established in Canada by the co-founders Mary Graham and Dr Dorothy Haswell.

The consumer program is a unique, innovative treatment for people who use self-destructive behaviour/s. It offers those individuals an opportunity to learn to contain their reactions to their problems of living. This is achieved by exploring healing ways to soothe their emotional pain, allowing them to recognise the triggers to use self-destructive behaviour and breaking the cycle in a supportive peer group environment or one-to-one with their support worker or therapist. A significantly high number of consumers who have participated in SAFE programs have been able to finally stop their self-destructive bahaviour/s and now lead healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.

SAFE in Oz provides training to professionals to allow them to better understand the concept of self-destructive behaviour and working with individuals who use this behaviour.

SAFE in Oz also train workers to facilitate, on a group and one-to-one level, utilising a module-based consumer recovery package, the SAFE in Oz Consumer Recovery Program.