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Sharing the Experience

Keeping Safe – Disclaimer

Please DO NOT read these real life stories if you feel susceptible to being triggered to hurt yourself or if you do not feel SAFE!   You can choose to control your exposure to situations/events/things that trigger you to hurt yourself.   Be kind to yourself – it is allowed!   On this page, you […]

The SAFE group allowed us all real HOPE…

The SAFE group allowed us all real HOPE… Before I came to SAFE I was…                                SAFE allowed us to…. Severely                                                                        Help Abusing                                                                        Ourselves Fearing                                                               […]

SAFE saved me by Abby

SAFE saved me by Abby. Self-abuse can and will finally end once you become honest with yourself, then make a decision and commitment to want to stop what you do to hurt yourself. I was told that there was no reason for me to do what I did from my parents, family and church members, […]

Dear Annie – Christine’s letter

Dear Annie The effect of the training I have done with you has been profound both, personally and professionally and I know it will improve my client’s lives too. I would like to share my creative and honest perspective with you. I heard a voice faintly crying “Please, someone, find me before I’m lost forever.” […]

Breaking the Cycle

Breaking the Cycle Growing up in a home where one of your parents is deliberately hurting themself in some of the most frightening ways is a very difficult experience to deal with at any age. In my situation I knew from a very young age that Mum was very different from all my friends’ mothers. […]

Dear Annie

Dear Annie I would like to thank you for a gr8 2 days and I can’t wait til the 3 day workshop! From the age of around 13 I would deliberately hurt myself, well it was a mental abuse, I did it to myself, although you could never see the physical pain outwardly trust me […]

Free From Self-harm Soon…

Free From Self-harm Soon… It’s been nearly a year now Since I last hurt myself It’s been the happiest time Since I was twelve I’ve had a hard 7years Of struggles and pain My life is turning around now I’m beginning to be sane I’m starting to enjoy life And become more happier too This […]