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Sharing the Experience

Shifting Position…

Shifting Position… Today, I’m having a good day Not like it was before I’m a totally different person now Right down to the core Before, I was really down Deep, deep inside I’d be lying in bed for days From the world, I would hide But now it’s totally different I’m at peace with myself […]

My Streak

My Streak I’ve been self-harming for the last 10years now And life has been so very rough Everywhere I’ve been now It seems so very tough I’ve cut; I’ve burned, so many ways It doesn’t get any new Those cuts, those burns These options seem so few But as the time goes by now And […]

My Ex-Best Friend…

My Ex-Best Friend… Self-harm was my best friend It was always by my side Anytime I felt bad I’d use it and go and hide Self-harm, id always rely on To take away my pain Those scars on my arms I’d always have to explain But now I’ve gone past that And self-harm is in […]

I Will Succeed…

I Will Succeed… I will succeed at being me I will become who I’m meant to be Through this journey of pain and sorrow I will live to be tomorrow Each step that I take And the choices I make Ill begin to grow And it’ll start to show In my life I’m moving forward […]

Out of the Darkness by Mary Jane

The Hurt The word self-harm is frightening to some people. My journey began at the age of 8 on New Year’s Eve 1958. I was sexually abused by a family member. How could a child so young explain to her parents that someone they trust had sexually abused their daughter? At the time I didn’t […]

Thanks To Insight

I would like to thank Annie for identifying the huge gap in services for individuals who use self-destructive behaviour as a coping mechanism and doing something about it. She has had the fortitude to ‘Walk The Talk’ by providing training programs to professionals, carers, family and friends and an 11 Module Consumer Recovery Program for […]

Breaking The Chain

Breaking the Chain In order to break the chain, I will: Endeavour to LOVE MYSELF To FACE my fear To treat others with respect Never judge their faults To accept my faults To accept compliments, when given by others To regain my self-esteem To have pride in what I have acheived To encourage others to […]

A Letter To Self Harm

Dear Self Harm, You have been there through some of the worst times in my life you helped mange my emotions and kept me from going over the edge. But for all the good I thought you did, you did a lot more damage. For every time I thought you helped me relieve my emotions, […]

I am a survivor of self-harm

January 23, 2018
Self Destructive Behaviour

I was one of the few lucky ones who got the opportunity to be part of the SAFE Central pilot program. I can honestly say that I have not self-harmed since finishing the program. It has now been 7 years and my life has changed so much. I moved away, got my first full-time job, […]