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Sharing the Experience

Hi, my name is Perdi

January 23, 2018
Self Destructive Behaviour

Hi my name is Perdi, I am a 32 year old person. [I say person because I don’t know who I really am – I have the body of a disfigured woman and the mind of a dead soul.] Self- harming for me is a physical manifestation of the extreme internal distress and trauma I […]

Hi, my name is Kel

I am 26 and leading a happy, ‘normal’ and fulfilling life. Although Annie would say that the only normal she knew was the cycle on a washing machine or the type of shampoo I used in the shower! I am very proud to announce that since my participation in the SAFE program, I haAdd Newve […]

My name is Leeanne…

My name is Leeanne… I used to hurt myself and this is my life’s journey… As a very small child I was abused in the worst possible way. I could traumatise you with the details; however, I don’t think that is the way to go as I now have moved on. At 8 years of […]

I was a self-abuser

January 23, 2017
Self Destructive Behaviour

In 1996 I had a lot of bad things happen to me and I tried to take my own life on several occasions. It all just seemed to go from bad to worse and all the times that things went wrong it seemed that I didn’t know how to cope. So I just cut or […]