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I wanted to share …. with you a couple of examples of how useful the

Thanks for that, Annie.
I wanted to share briefly with you a couple of examples of how useful the training has been even in the short time back at work.
I had an existing client come in to see me on Tuesday, a chronic self-harmer, who has repeated been told by health professional to ‘just stop’. She had a panic attack in our session after being triggered by a siren, and actually self-abused in the session by opening an old wound. She was mortified and ashamed, but thanks to the training I refrained from ‘OMG!’, and stayed calm and reassuring; but more importantly I was able to say to her that I understood that her Self Abuse was a coping strategy that obviously worked for her short term (possibly not so well long term, and she nodded in agreement) and that I was not going to ‘tick her off’ or deprive her of this strategy. Her relief was palpable, and she really opened up after that.
The same day I was able to reassure a new client that suicide was not the logical end point or intention of her friend, another chronic cutter; that actually self-abuse is about willingness to live. She found this very reassuring. We also talked about the dangers of cutting too deep, possibly resulting in accidental suicide, of course.
Then a few days later, I got an email from a friend of mine whose son is on the path to self destruction. I had shared all the workshop information with her – that is where I stayed whilst doing the training and she has been using some of the strategies with her son, anything was worth a try in her eyes. Well her son turned around to her and said “Well Mum, it looks like you have finally got it. Now you can help me to kick the shit”. She said it’s the most communication she has heard from him for at least 2 years. So she is very excited and wants to come to the training herself.
Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. I am very keen to undertake the next part of the training, the 3 day workshop. I work on my own, and my current employer does not finance training but I will finance it myself, especially now that I have experienced it in action! I would like to do this program mobile as I believe that public transport is a massive issue for so many people who have no vehicle to begin seeking help. They wither in their own isolation.
I have to commend you on the quality of your newsletter. It is a living resource.
Thanks again,