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I was able to use some of the …. the workshop the very next day at work.

Thanks Annie. I was able to use some of the stuff from the workshop the very next day at work.
A lady came in to the ED having drunk a lot and feeling “suicidal”. She got quite stroppy and defensive initially but I was able to tell her I understood she needed to do what she was doing at the present time, for whatever reason, and that she was not “psycho” and didn’t need to be locked up in the psych ward. She melted almost immediately. When she asked why I cared what happened to her I told her it was just one human being seeing another human being in pain and wanting to help. It was almost like she’d never heard that before. After talking for nearly an hour (fortunately the ED was quiet so there was time to do so) she went home feeling a bit more positive and agreeing to establish a relationship with a counsellor, which she had not done previously despite a long involvement with Alcohol and Drug services. I don’t know whether there will be any long term good for her from that one contact, but it was really warming to see her leave feeling positive when she was so negative on arrival.
Thanks again for your work.