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So excited!

Hello Annie
I was so excited on the phone this morning and thanks for everything. But I do have to write it too. It is so powerful when you see the globe truly light up after months of the light being on but no one being home. It was like someone flicked the switch and he just said, “I don’t need or want this shit in my life anymore”! Wow! Wow! Wow! and it’s not OCD.
In the training you talked about these times and how powerful they were for both parties, you were right gal. His brother came in about half an hour ago and wants to join his brother drug free. I have been working for two years with the two lads and hoped things would change, but they weren’t even at the pre-contemplation stage. Since using the self-soothing wheel hub, keeping track 1,2 & 3 and now the trigger board. Not one but both of them have contemplated!
I am so bloody excited I want to scream. Don’t worry I didn’t do the OMG syndrome with them. But everyone was very happy, even though they tried to hide it.
I’m going on like a pork chop. Don’t care though because I know you understand Oh inspirational mentor who has such contagious passion.
You should go into motivation speaking. Probably more money in it too!
Take care and keep safe
Ciao Bella Donna
A&D Youth Outreach Counsellor