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Very fired up to run a Safe in Oz consumer recovery program.

Dear Annie
Your workshop was so inspiring and also enjoyable so YES Chris and I are very fired up to run a Safe in Oz consumer recovery program. I gave my manager and CEO all the info on Safe in OZ. They submitted the idea to their Board and they approved it and they say they hope to have it up and running next year. Meanwhile they are applying for government funding and also making applications to Lottery West.
Thank you for the tax invoice for the CD. The SAFE in OZ Consumer Program Set-up CD, will save months of preparation work. So far I have funded my own training because I feel there is such a need for the program in Perth. I have contacted the Self-Harm support group (running here in Perth) and it’s amazing the work you have done with them to improve it. Your structured activities will help everyone in the support group.
Although I did a degree in counselling the first time I knew anything about self-harm was from a client sitting in front of me in the counselling room. There is so much lack of knowledge out there. Since doing the training I now feel more confident in counselling a client who self-harms (and at the moment I have 3 clients who self-harm). Thank you so much for taking the initiative and determination in setting up these workshops. You sure are ‘Walking the Talk’ – I just wish the people who funded services could realise the potential of this program like we all do! (Be my guest and quote me!)
I will keep in touch about any new developments at this end. Keep enjoying what you are doing; it is very much appreciated.
Kind wishes to you,