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Facilitating the SAFE in Oz Consumer Recovery Program

Facilitating the SAFE in Oz Consumer Recovery Program (3 Days)

Three Day Training Workshop

This 3 day training workshop will provide workers with the tools to facilitate a SAFE in Oz Consumer Program.

Please note: In order to register for this workshop you will have needed to complete the 2 day “An Introduction To Working With Individuals Who Have Self-Destructive Behaviour”

‘Your Pathway to Recovery’
A module based program designed with the vision to achieve an individual’s resolve to overcome
their self-destructive behaviour.

The content of the 3 day workshop allows participants to work through issues related to;

  •  Step by step to understanding
  • Making sense of the self-destructive behaviour and of overcoming it
  • It’s how you think that makes the difference
  • Feelings are helpful, but feelings are changeable
  • Investigating self-talk
  • Triggers – action and reaction
  • Choice and change
  • Taming the chaos
  • Connections and commitments
  • Living in the present and for the future
  • Long-term management of the behaviour

Program set up
SAFE in Oz provides consultancy support for organisations setting up a SAFE in Oz Consumer Program.

Registration Form – please use the following registration form to register: Generic Registration Form

Expressions of Interest – contact us   directly to advise us of your Expression of Interest in this 3 day training program and we will advise you when we are in your area.

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